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The Remote Viewing Consortium is constantly extending the boundaries of human anomalous cognitive research and development.

The advancement of human potential in all areas of human life is dependent upon the species capability to cope with and understand the rapidly changing societal and technological environment of civilization; including politics, science, religion and philosophy. The major shortfall in present human potential is primarily due to the fragmentation of the human mind.

During the development of human thought and reason, from childhood to adulthood, each individual is inculcated with the concept of separation. The idea that mind is separate from body is one of the core tenants of prevailing human society and secular thought; that thought is separate from reason, that creativity is separate from intellect are all misunderstandings. The mind and body are one and the human is not separate from any thing in the universe. At a deeper level reality every human mind is connected to all the information within the universe.

David Bohm introduced the idea of wholeness of mind, thought and body in his book "Wholeness and the Implicate Order". The idea that at the quantum level of reality there is no separation of "things" is not a new idea in quantum mechanics.

Remote viewing allows the human mind to connect with anything anywhere.

With that understanding the Consortium produces instructional DVD's, print publications, and hosts hands on remote viewing workshops at our RVC Centers with the intention to promote and advance human understanding via remote viewing.


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